Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Self-Paced Study Notes (Exam 200-901) eBook


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What you’ll learn

This exam certifies a candidate’s knowledge of software development and design including understanding and using APIs, application deployment and security, and infrastructure and automation on Cisco platforms.

After reading the text you will be able to:

  • Compare data formats (XML, JSON, and YAML).
  • Describe parsing of common data format (XML, JSON, and YAML) to Python data structures.
  • Describe the concepts of test-driven development.
  • Compare software development methods (agile, lean, and waterfall).
  • Explain the benefits of organizing code into methods / functions, classes, and modules.
  • Identify the advantages of common design patterns (MVC and Observer).
  • Explain the advantages of version control.
  • Utilize common version control operations with Git.
  • Construct a REST API request to accomplish a task given API documentation.
  • Describe common usage patterns related to webhooks.
  • Identify the constraints when consuming APIs.

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